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Extreme Shark Fishing Miami

Extreme Shark Fishing Miami

Welcome to¬ Extreme Shark Fishing Miami. ¬†This is’s Extreme Shark Fishing Miami’s blog. Here you you will find lots of great information about shark fishing Miami and what we do at Capt. Jay’s Deep Sea Fishing Miami and on the 57′ USCG Licensed and Inspected Spellbound.

If you are looking for the mostShark Fishing Miami Mako Shark exiting fishing charter off Miami and Miami Beach, you have found the right place, charter company and boat.  We specialize in charter fishing for the largest of the apex predators… SHARKS.  We use state of the art tackle, techniques and strategies.  Just about all of our shark fishing off Miami & Miami beach is now a catch and release fishery.   We catch a wide variety of sporting game sharks… Click here to learn more !  Shark fishing is an extreme sport and best done as a private charter for just your group or corporate fishing charter. For more information about booking your shark fishing Miami adventure or see available dates and times, Click Here to Book Now !

Shark Fishing Miami… About our Charters

Extreme Shark Fishing Miami Mako SharkThe best Shark fishing Miami is during the daytime. ¬†That is why we offer three different trips during the day. ¬†The first is our half (1/2) day charter. ¬†This is a four hour charter and are typically either 8am ‚Äď Noon or 1pm to 5pm. ¬†We also offer a three quarter (3/4) day, six (6) hour trip. Typically we start at 7am and return at about 1pm or 12:30pm to 6:30pm. ¬†We also offer an all day trip that is eight (8) hours. ¬†We are USCG licensed and can take up to 20 people on our boat. ¬† For current rates for our different trips and amount of people you can visit our‚Ķ ¬†Online reservations calendar

Shark Fishing Miami… About our Boat

Our 57′ Custom built USCG Licensed & Inspected Spellbound is the perfect platform for extreme Shark fishing Miami.  TheExtreme Shark Fishing Miami - Spellbound Charter fishing boat Miami Spellbound is a new boat built just four years ago.  She is 57 foot long and 20 foot wide.  The spellbound offers our guests one of the largest charter fishing boats in the south florida fleet.  The Spellbound is a dry stable platform offer it’s gusts all of the most modern convinces from A/C to WiFi.  The entire cabin is air conditioned from end to end.  Lot’s of comfortable seating inside and out.

Our Flying bridge has seating for almost a dozen people with two fishing fighting chars on the bridge.  Our fishing cockpit has three more fish fighting chairs and covered mezzanine seating in the cockpit.  You can be right in the action or comfortably seated just above.  We have a complete set of modern tournament tackle up to Penn 130′s and Duel 12/0 wide.  The two largest fishing reels available today.  The Spellbound also has over 500 gallons of live bait storage, we can keep the largest tuna baits alive.

Extreme Shark¬ Fishing Miami Corporate Fishing Charters

Extreme Shark Fishing Miami Corporate Fishing Charters Hammer Head Shark

Extreme Shark Fishing Miami is a GREAT event for your corporate outing.  Wether entertaining customers, rewarding employes, team building or a VIP outing a shark fishing charter will be an event the group will never forget.  Our 57′ Spellbound is USCG Licensed & Inspected for up to 20 people so if you book your corporate fishing charter with us, the entire group can stay together.

We can arrange every thing for you with just one phone call.   We can arrange any catering you can think of and have an unlimited drink cooler available for your group.  If your group is larger than 20 people, or you  just prefer having multiple boats, we can make all the arrangements for you.  Including organizing a fishing tournament to building in the crews gratuity,  we will handle every detail for you.  We believe that it is our job to make sure your group had a fun and amazing time on our boat with us.  It is also our job to make our charters easy to book and arrange for you, our customer.

So let’s go Extreme Shark Fishing Miami and book your corporate group today.

Extreme Shark Fishing Miami… Tackle & Technique


When shark fishing Miami, we are expecting to hook into the largest monsters in the sea. We fish with tackle as light as 30 pound line on Penn 30TW’S and as heavy  as 130 pound line on Penn 130 two speeds.  We also will use Penn 50SW’s and Penn 70VS reels when shark fishing Miami.  The hooks we use are large, a 9/0 is a small hook and we will fish hooks as large as 20/0.  Leader wire is typically #19 or heavy cable.  Monofilament leaders range from 300 pound to 1,000 pound leader material.


Sharks are found at every level in the water column.  To increase our chances at success we fish shark baits on or near the bottom, in the middle of the water column, near the surface & jumping gout of the water from a fishing kite.  The Best Baits are Tuna’s from about a pound to almost 15 pounds, depending on the size and type of shark we are targeting when shark fishing Miami. Mackerel, Kingfish, Tilefish, Barracuda & Jacks all make great shark baits.


Our best shark fishing Miami is in the Gulf Stream.  The Gulf Stream is a river or current of cleaner, warmer & faster moving water with in the Atlantic Ocean.  Chumming with ground or cut fish does not work very well in our area.  The fast moving water (2.5 knots to 5 knots) will carry the chum far away from us in too short a time.  Although we do chum, we chum with sound not ground fish.  We use fishing rattles, strobe lights with (electric pulse) as well as sound emitters on our leaders just above the baits.  The fast current will make the sound travel through the water column for miles.  Calling the sharks to our baits, we also have a sound emitter built into the hull of the boat… Our secret weapon !

Shark Fishing Miami… Species !

The coast of Miami & Miami Beach lies less then three miles from the warm cobalt blue waters of the Gulf Stream.  This nutrient rich ocean current is the highway that all of the prey and predator fish travel.  The sharks that we encounter off Miami are mostly large.  The following is a list of most of the large pelagic game sharks that we encounter while extreme shark fishing Miami.  Each of these amazing sharks are elusive and difficult fish to find.  Knowing all about each species of shark and their habits help us to be successful fishing for them.  When it comes to extreme Shark fishing Miami… Knowledge is our power !

Hammer Head SharksExtreme Shark Fishing Miami Hammer Head Shark

Let‚Äôs start with the Hammer Head Sharks. ¬†There are three types of Hammer Head sharks that we catch. ¬†The first is the largest, the Great Gray Hammer Head Shark. ¬†This shark is the largest of the Hammer Heads and we have caught ‚ÄúGreat Grays‚ÄĚ up to nearly 1,000 lbs. ¬†The second is the Scalloped ‚ÄúGolden‚ÄĚ Hammer Head Shark. ¬†This shark is the middle sized Hammer Head and we have caught them up to nearly 500 lbs. The ‚ÄúGolden‚ÄĚ is one of the most prized Game Sharks. ¬†The last is the Smooth ‚ÄúBlack‚ÄĚ Hammer Head it is the smallest, but may be the fastest.

Mako SharkExtreme Shark Fishing Miami Mako Shark

The amazing Mako Shark, is another great fighting Game Shark that we catch.  Mako Sharks can grow to over 1,000 lb., although the capture of any sized Mako is a mile stone for all avid fishermen.  All sized Mako Sharks are true trophies, they fight hard and perform truly amazing aerial leaps.  There are two different species of Mako Sharks, the long fin and the short fin.  We mostly see the short fin Mako as the long fin Mako likes colder water.

Thresher SharkExtreme Shark Fishing Miami Thresher Shark

There are also two different species of Thresher Shark.  The first is the Common Thresher and the second is the Big Eye Thresher Shark.  The Big Eye is a truly amazing shark.  They can grow to nearly 16 foot long and will have just tremendous speed and agility in the water.  We see the Big Eye Thresher Shark of Miami and Miami Beach in the spring time.  They are typically a deep water shark living on or near the bottom in over 2,000 foot of water.  These sharks approach our coast in the spring to spawn and deliver their babies.  You can always tell a Thresher shark, it has a tail almost as long as it’s body.  Our largest Thresher Shark was almost 14 foot and weighed in at almost 750 lb.

Tiger SharkExtreme Shark Fishing Miami Tiger Shark

Tiger Sharks are one of the most dangerous sharks we catch, they are truly a man eater.  They are large hard fighting sharks.  The juveniles have a striking striped pattern from which they get their name.  Tiger Sharks are just an amazing catch.  They are found close to the beach or out in as much as 2,00 feet of water.  Large Tiger Sharks will migrate with their food.  When the Golden Amberjacks move onto the wrecks to spawn, large Tiger Sharks will also arrive.  Our largest Tiger Shark we caught was over 1,200 pounds.

Bull SharkExtreme Shark Fishing Miami Bull Shark

Bull Sharks are another nasty group of Sharks.  Another man eater, the bull shark is a fierce predator.  Bull sharks can grow to 9 foot long and weigh more than 500 pounds.  We find Bull Sharks around ship wrecks and reefs.  Heavy tackle, large baits & a lot of hard work are needed to land a Bull Shark fishing Miami. Bull Sharks are like a battle with a boxer.  They do not make crazy long runs, but fight hard for every inch of line.

Sandbar SharkExtreme Shark Fishing Miami Bull Shark

The Sandbar Shark is very similar to the Bull Shark in looks, habit and ability.  This is a hard fighting shark with the agility of any great sport game fish.  We find Sandbar Sharks near wrecks, reefs & drop offs.  We have caught Sandbar Sharks in water as shallow as 80 foot and out as deep as nearly 600 foot of water.  Sandbar sharks grow to about 7 foot in length and may weigh up to nearly 300 pounds.  Sandbar sharks are recognizable by the zig zag pattern on their side.

Night SharkExtreme Shark Fishing Miami Cuban Night Shark

The Night Shark was first discovered off the coast of Cuba and is locally called the ‚ÄúCuban‚ÄĚ Night Shark. ¬†This is another rare deep water shark that we catch occasionally. ¬†This is an open water shark preferring the deep dark waters. ¬†The Cuban Night Shark is easily identified by it‚Äôs emerald green eyes. ¬†The shallowest water that we have caught a Cuban Night Shark is about 300 foot of water. ¬†We have also caught Cuban Night Sharks out in over 2,000 foot of water, out over the continental drop off.

Silky SharkExtreme Shark Fishing Miami Silky Shark

The smallest of the pelagic predatory sharks that we encounter is the ‚ÄúDeep Water‚ÄĚ Silky Shark. ¬†This shark is typically around four foot long and about 50 pounds. ¬†Don‚Äôt be fooled by the Silky Sharks size. ¬†This is a tenacious fish with great strength and speed. ¬†A great light tackle shark. ¬†We like to call then the ‚ÄúNot So Great White Shark‚ÄĚ

Shark Fishing Miami… Lets Go Fishing.

You have read our web page on shark fishing Miami and you are ready to charter a boat.  Feel free to contact Capt. Jay on his cell phone in either a call or a text.  You can also Click Here to… E-Mail Capt. Jay with any questions or concerns you may have.   Or to book your Extreme Shark Fishing Miami Adventure you can use our online booking calendar below: